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Boat restoration & Refit supervision

Yacht Restoration WorkBoat restoration and refit supervision is a service that Olsen Marine can offer an owner. It is always advisable to talk to a professional who will look after his or her interests from Stage 1. Professional supervision of a refit includes:

  • Full refit specification with anticipated costs, inviting the most suitable yards to tender for the works
  • Considering the estimates and advising on the most suitable in respect of performance and price
  • Liasing with the boatyard •Supervising and inspecting all works during the refit
  • Providing technical advice should the boatyard discover unforeseen problems
  • Maintain a full financial statement of works as they proceed, ensuring that boatyard invoices are paid as and when works are completed to satisfaction.

Professional supervision more than justifies any costs as it will ensure all works are carried out to a high standard, and any extra work the boatyard claim is necessary is entirely justified.

A well finished job will enhance the value of the craft, especially if at a later date the vessel is offered for sale.

Boat Restoration work