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MCA Tonnage Measurement Surveys


Tonnage Measurement Survey with Olsen MarineThe MCA authorises various bodies (called Certifying Authorities) to appoint persons to carry out Tonnage Measurement Surveys on vessels of under 24 metres overall length to ascertain tonnage in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations 1997, Part 111 in connection with registration under part 1 of the Act. The IIMS in turn authorise Olsen Marine to undertake measurement in connection with Part 1 registration the Merchant Shipping Act of 1995.

 Certain requirements are needed to ensure a smooth transaction.

 1/    You will be required to prove ownership of the vessel.
2/     We will require access to the vessel for measurement purposes.
3/    You will be required to complete an “Application For Tonnage Measurement”.
The “Application For Tonnage Measurement” form is obtainable from us, and
should be returned to us when completed.
4/    You should contact the Register Of Shipping And Seaman, Maritime &
Coastguard Agency, Anchor Court, Keen Road, Cardiff, CF24 5JW for an
application form to register a British ship.
5/    You will be required to provide original documents of five years clear chain of
title to the Register Of Shipping And Seaman.
6/     You can find more information by viewing the MCA web site, MCGA.GOV.UK
7/    The Register Of Shipping & Seaman`s telephone number is 02920448800
8/    The process of registering your vessel is not a quick one, and may be expected to
take up to approximately three months.
Olsen Marine can assist you through all of this process. If your requirements are more complex, and require in-depth investigation and research, please also call. Our links with Ward and McKenzie-(click on link at bottom of page), who specialise in this work will help move your project forward, and avoid many of the possible pitfalls.

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