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Own Boat Tuition

Having just bought your boat, to many, the thought of manoeuvring it in tight situations in the local Marina, or coming alongside a crowded visitor’s pontoon casts rather a cloud over the day. Tension looms as the moment draws near…..With own boat tuition, Olsen Marine can help a long way to relieving those feelings of apprehension when the time comes to manoeuvre your new boat in and out of a crowded Marina in strong tides and windy conditions. We will explain the main factors that affect how a boat handles under these conditions, and experience the immediate effects of those elements. Effects of prop-wash in a yacht are also important.

Own boat tuition in Dartmouth with Olsen MarineHarnessing, and actually using all those effects is the key to learning how your boat responds, and gaining confidence in your own abilities.

Clients enjoying boat tuition with Olsen Marine

Different ways to moor up when short-handed can be discussed. In fact we can cover whatever aspect of sailing or motor-boating you require.

Instruction can be arranged any time that is suitable for you, for a minimum of one day. The day is run in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner to help you get the most out of your time on the water- after all, it is meant to be fun-not a challenge!

Tidal information, to start planning your days can be found at


£175 per day, for one person
£195 per day for 2 people

Further afield…own boat tuition with Olsen Marine, Devon

If you wish take on ‘an extra pair of safe hands’ to give you and/or your partner more confidence -whether a coastal trip, cruise, or cross channel, or even further afield, Olsen Marine will be pleased to tailor make a plan to help with further tuition make this work. Assistance with Planning, Navigation, Passage Planning, boat handling, sail changing and reefing is all available. Hopefully, once you have accomplished this for the first time with our guidance, you will be much more confident to then explore and enjoy your own boat on your own!

Prices: Contact us to discuss particular requirements.